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Top 10 Technology Milestones in 2006

Computers have changed the world. The world view is now driven by cyber space and "virtual functioning" has embraced just about every aspect of life from finance and trade to marriage, pets, and dating. According to tech gurus the year 2006 was a "turning point" for the IT industry. Winds of change blew through all aspects hardware, software, and accessories. Internet donned a new mantle and the genX processors redefined PCs and their functioning. Transition was the by-line and new platforms and processors dominated computing along with introduction of a new generation of consoles. Video gaming reached for the skies with new technology, accessories, and futuristic games.

Among the main hues in IT were a few distinctive milestones:

1. Vista was launched and welcomed by some and rejected by others. Initial reactions were positive and industry watchers have adopted a "wait and see" policy before pronouncing opinions or accolades.

2. Linux received a much needed support from software giants.

3. Google introduced many strategic innovations and purchased YouTube to become No 1 in the cyber world.

4. Dell recalled 4 million laptop batteries after reports that the lithium-ion batteries would short-circuit and catch fire. Dells action was quickly followed by other leading manufacturers like Apple, lenovo, and Toshiba.

5. Technology reached new heights with video streaming, downloadable movies, MP3 music, and more. GenX computers and peripherals waved in a new era of media entertainment and learning systems.

6. Open source software created waves and the whole industry readied itself for a new work order.

7. Gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Sony Play stations, and Nintendo delighted gamers world wide and the new consoles took gaming towards new horizons.

8. Apple made history with the launch of a Mac Pc that runs on Intel chips.

9. Hp was rocked by a "spy" scandal followed by the resignation of Chairman Patricia Dunn.

10. Microsoft saw changes with Bill Gates exiting business activities to focus on philanthropic projects.

Introduced into the burgeoning computer bazaar were hi-tech graphics cards, key boards that could even think for you, wireless mouse that will abide by all you command, gaming accessories, sound cards, graphic cards, headphones, computer furniture, lighting, and more.

Popularly termed to be the "year of change for computing and video gaming," 2006 changed the way the world perceived computers and the World Wide Web. The IT and related industries are all poised for further growth and the year 2007 is all set to spring a few delights.
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Barry Allen is a freelance writer for 1888SoftwareDownloads, the premier website to find Free Software Downloads including free anti-virus software, free spyware detection software, free toolbars, free chat software and more.

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