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4D AudioPlayer SGLX - Free 4D AudioPlayer SGLX download


THE PROGRAM: !4D AudioPlayer SGLX v1.5 Copyright (c) 2003-2004 by Alex Kheifets, SGLX MathPictures, Inc. INTRODUCTION "!4D AudioPlayer SGLX" is a program using a powerful "Stereo Base Enhancing Effects System" ("4D") to play usual Audio files and CD Tracks. TRY IT and COMPARE THE SOUND WITH ANOTHER PLAYERS! Additional Features of the Prograam are: 1. Reverberation effects 2. Compatibility with WinAMP PlayList files 3. 20-Channels Equalizer 4. Spectrum analyzer 5. There is no necessity in connection of a sound card and CD-driver by means of cord. The Program works as a traditional Audio player. But using the "Stereo Base Enhancing Effects System" make sound better than another traditional systems. THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1. PC-compatible computer, like as P3-500MHz or better. 2. Windows 95/98/2000/2k/XP/ INSTALLATION - REMOVAL: For installation use Setup.exe file. For uninstallation use uninstaller in the Program*Arrays group or Control Panel. SHAREWARE LIMITATION: Nag Screen.
January 7, 2006  
SGLX MathPictures, Inc.
Download Free 4D AudioPlayer SGLX
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