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There are only three categories of software based performance enhancement tools: 1: Disk-related utilities like defraggers (XP has one built-in). 2: Memory-related like caching/RAM disks and 3: Automated tuning tools. AutoPilot® is the first automated tuner for XP. And it is a great solution for busy systems! Tuners are basically !expert systems! that can make intelligent and instant decisions to improve performance. AutoPilot® is being developed by people that come from a supercomputer background and are trained to squeeze the last cycle out of systems. AutoPilot® is an excellent example of a highly sophisticated and advanced neural network that is able to look at the hardware, XP and the applications running. Then AutoPilot® improves performance in real-time. We also have found that users tell us their systems run more stable. Windows XP was originally designed to run on different hardware platforms. So it cannot look into the Intel chips. In other words, XP and the Intel Chips do not know of the existence of the other. This means that Microsoft and Intel cannot optimize their respective platforms for each other. It took a third party like AutoPilot® to get these two together..
January 7, 2006  
Sunbelt Software Distribution, Inc
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