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C88 is an informational tool for amateur astronomers. It provides detailed informations about the celestial sphere objects, visible with naked eyes and for the use of an eyepiece of a modest amateur telescope to observe deep sky objects. Complex informations about the planets, sun and moon completes the functionallity of the program. C88 bases on the extensive data of the Bright Star Catalogue (9110 entries) and of the Saguaro Astronomy Club Deep Sky Database (10700 entries). These catalogues provides basic data (i.e. positions, magnitudes, sizes, spectral data, catalogue references) as well as specific data, like double/multiple star informations, variability data or - in the case of deep sky objects - object classifications and descriptions. The data can be printed out in several types of lists and orders. The "solar system section" of C88 gives informations about the pysical, observational and optical parameters of the planets as well as it!s orbital and rotational data..
January 7, 2006  
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