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Cornolius Professional Database - Free Cornolius Professional Database download


If you need an innovative database application for building and managing custom databases, try Cornolius Professional Database. This solution operates on a new dimension of simplicity. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Cornolius Pro is a walk in a park when compared to current database applications. Cornolius Professional Database enables you to design a database containing tables connected with primary/foreign keys. A primary key is a value that can be used to identify a particular row in a table, so it should be unique and unchangeable during the course of normal operations of the database; A primary key in one table can exist as a foreign key in another table; This what constitute a relationship between the two tables; In other words, a foreign key in a table is a value that points to a similar and unique value (or primary key) in another table. An example of a good candidate for a key is Social Security Number since it is unique. A key characteristic of Cornolius Pro is customizability. As tables are created, the user can design a unique form for each table. Label fields (table column titles), text boxes (table raw data), and table form all can be manipulated (position, height, width, font, color ...) to create custom input forms. Cornolius Professional Database Specification: 100% stand-alone database application (equipped with an internal database engine). Handling multiple databases and multiple users with different permissions. Linking Tables with primary and foreign keys. Exporting database to web form for use on the intranet. Ability to speak records (equipped with a setup for a read engine). Includes Database Builder Wizard and Table Form Designer. This application can be used free for 1 month. To continue using it, you need a license that costs only $79.89 per system..
January 7, 2006  
Download Free Cornolius Professional Database
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