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FindReplaceExcel - Free FindReplaceExcel download


FindReplaceExcel is a find/replace utility to search Excel files for text, values and comments and replace the text inside cells automatically without opening workbooks . The program can search ranges in worksheets. Multiple drives and directories can be searched. Individual worksheets can be searched within workbooks. Cells can be searched for partial text matching and/or case letters. Excel files are backed up before changes are made. The program can perform fast searches and text replacement ,search individual worksheets and workbooks, backup workbooks before replacing cells , maintain a Backup logfile of files copied , search and replace by range row OR range column and find numbers or strings in EXCEL cells You must enter a beginning and end range for rows and columns. Altered Excel cells can have a different color to indicate changes. Findreplaceexcel will search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CDDVD Rom drives, and network drives..
January 7, 2006  
Filehunter Software
US Price $45
Download FindReplaceExcel (Trial Version)
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