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GeoPro - Free GeoPro download


GeoPro is the next level of our application geometry. It features the following aspects: Triangles: Special triangles, Properties of Right triangles, Congruent of Right Triangle. Plane Areas: Rectangle, Trapezoids, Circle, right triangles. Polygon: Regular polygons with n-sides. Solids: Prisms, Volumes, Pyramid and cones, Frusta, Spheres and Surface areas. Centroids: Centroids of a triangle, parabola, power curve, etc. You can calculate the area, volume or perimeter of a: Square Trapezoid Sphere Circle.
January 7, 2006  
Palm OS 3.2,Palm OS 4.0,Palm OS 5.0,Palm OS 6.0
US Price $11.99
Download GeoPro (Trial Version)
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