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- Want to know who is or better owns an ip address? - Find the owner of foreign and domestic domains. - Search for interesting free domains in another country. - Get acoustic signals when a line breaks down / is up. - Figure out why you can not reach a specific domain. - Solve internet problems without leaving your desk. - New: Report printing Iban supports the most important internet protocols and techniques like dns, http, icmp, ping, smtp, sntp, tracert, whois. It comes with a secure chat module for your LAN communication. The integrated reports help solving problems. It is a great time-saver for system admins, and helps trainees to understand the basics. Unique Features Find IP/Domain Owners: Iban!s speciality is to find the owner of ip addresses or domain names. It automatically selects the service to ask. Check email address: Want to know right away why an email does not arrive the recipient? The recipient!s mail server will tell you. Test Server Apps: Iban can cheat a server app and "simulate" different browsers or operation systems for server scripts. Firewall/Proxy: Iban supports the common socks4 and socks5 protocols. You can set ports, provide user name and password. DNS: Supports 24 query types. Ideal for analyzing DNS problems. You will find out why a domain is not registered or not yet visible. Ideal to test own DNS servers. Chat Secure: Iban!s Agent let you chat with your LAN. And as a plus you can attach Iban!s report to help to solve other PC!s internet problems. Acoustic Ping: You may not touch it for months, but when your line is down ones you will love to hear this sound when it is up again. Also ideal to figure out of servers or other computers are reachable. TraceRt: Whenever a line breaks or a domain is not reachable you will know where the knot in the network is. Internet Settings: A convenient report of all network and internet settings for all installed network adapters. Lists all open ports with the apps which use them..
January 7, 2006  
K&R Software
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