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Image Blocker for IIS - Free Image Blocker for IIS download


The Image Blocker (imgblock) is an IIS ISAPI Filter DLL that prevents other sites from hyperlinking directly to your graphics. The Internet allows any site to hyperlink to any resource on any other site. When another site links to graphics on your site, you are paying for the bandwidth to deliver the graphic to the other site. There is no benefit to you as the original site owner. This product gives you the ability to limit other sites from linking directly to your graphical resources. It does not prevent them from linking directly to your web pages which is generally what you want. Transparently blocks external requests to specific file types. Supports configurable trusted web sites. Works with any site served by IIS. Implemented as a super fast ISAPI DLL. Minimal impact to your overall server performance. Configuration options let you control how the filter works. Super easy install/uninstall included. No code changes required for your site..
January 7, 2006  
Dash Technologies
WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Download Free Image Blocker for IIS
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