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Kairon 3 - Free Kairon 3 download


Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Astrology Calculation Software in German and in English (both in one file) Astronomical Calculations: SwissEphemeris by Astrodienst Zuerich Atlas: ACS Astro Communication Service in Sandiego, CA - Mini Atlas with over 9.000 locations (default) - Full Atlas with over 250.000 locations (an additional 5MB download) - full support of daylight saving times worldwide! File Format: AAF database files: a document can hold any number of charts Graphic output: rendered via apples Quartz system in pdf Compiled: gnu compiler, written in Cocoa and C kinds of charts: (all combinable) topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal (supporting 21 different Anayamsas), 19 supported aspects, 60 defaulted Objects, 11 user definable asteroids: (by list of over 11400 objects) 11 user definable arabic points: (by list of over 300) 14 popular house systems: Solar, Null, Koch, Placidus... glyphs: free choice of any font and any color preferences: are set independent of chart data output of data: .pdf, .eps, .tif, .aaf, .txt, .rtf partner features: synastry, composite, combine, overlaying and rotating of transparent chart windows transits: graphic and text with stepper and search function harmonics: a stepper will step through 78 harmonics, in addition any number can be entered progressions: by birthday and by indexday directions: primary, secondary return charts: solar return (inside and outside), lunar return (inside and outside) planetars: any planetar is supported eclipses: solar (local and global), lunar (global) occultations: all planets and asteroids that are shaded by the moon are calculated texteditor: built in, can deal with rtf and plain text aspectarium: shows the orbis and if applying or separating, the graphic lines show the strength of an aspect by means of thickness support: via apple help, via tutorial (under construction) and via forum languages: at present German, English and Japanese are available.
January 7, 2006  
Kilian Sternad
Mac OS X
Download Free Kairon 3
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