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.NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator - Free .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator download


Dotfuscator .NET Obfuscator: * Enhances source code security--state-of-the-art technology protects .NET applications, securing important intellectual property. * Decreases .NET program size--analyzes applications and figures out which parts are being used (down to the method level). Unused pieces are parsed out, leaving the smallest executable possible. * Improves run-time performance--removes unneeded program elements and renames identifiers to small names. Key Features: * Complete support for .Net Framework * Makes application size smaller * Designed to stop even the best decompilers from producing useful output. * Easy to use XML based configuration file. * Namespace/Type/Method/Field renaming using patented Overload-InductionTM renaming system * Enhanced Overload Induction * Incremental Obfuscation * Control Flow Obfuscation * Pruning/Compacting - Unused Type, Method, Field removal * String Encryption * Includes GUI and command line interface for integrating into build environments. * Support for Managed C++ modules * Powerful and easy to use command line interface * Several predefined renaming schemes including unprintable characters * Comprehensive support for the .NET Compact Framework * Seamless obfuscation of satellite DLLs * Deep Integration with Visual Studio Project Builds. * Debugging support, including stack trace decoding. * Enhanced pruning and renaming reports. * Ability to include/exclude by custom attribute matching. New in V 3.0: * Full support and integration with Visual Studio 2005 * Software Watermarking * Assembly Linking * Support for declarative obfuscation via standard custom attributes * Support for Generic Types and Methods * Support for Pre and Post build events * Library mode selectable on a per assembly basis * Automatic strong named assembly re-signing after build * Improved algorithm for finding external assembly dependencies * Integration with MSBuild.
January 7, 2006  
PreEmptive Solutions
Download Free .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator
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