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NewzAlert Composer - Free NewzAlert Composer download


NewzAlert Composer is a comprehensive rss editor for creating and publishing RSS feeds, and it!s all you need to get up and running with one or more RSS feeds of your own. It brings together the editing and publishing of all your RSS feeds into one convenient place on your desktop. Builtin rapid data entry functionality makes entering information easy. Autocomplete remembers the last 5 values entered into most fields, allowing you to quickly add topics with a minimum of typing. In addition to this, NewzAlert Composer gives you the ability to easily duplicate existing topics and copy topics between feeds, RSS is fast becoming the standard for distributing information on the Internet. Email is quickly becoming an unreliable method of distributing newsletters and product and service information to customers. The main reasons for this are the large amounts of spam and viruses circulating, but also partly due to the spam filters built to solve the problem of spam. More and more legitimate email is not reaching its intended destination, and in a lot of cases, the sender is not even notified that the email hasn!t been deliverered to the intended recipient. With RSS feeds of your own, you can quickly and easily : * Notify your customers about product updates * Announce company news * Run promotions and specials * Publish your thoughts and ideas in an ever expanding realm of RSS feeds * Create feeds for podcasting and video blogging. NewzAlert Composer gets you up and running with your own RSS feeds within minutes. Promote your feeds at and make it easy for people to find your feeds and therefore your web site and your products and services..
January 7, 2006  
Castle Software Ltd
US Price $29.95
Download NewzAlert Composer (Trial Version)
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