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Powerful support for POP3 and SMTP standards as well as introducing powerful features like fully-customizable spam filtering, multiple server redundancy, multiple domain support, and much more. Our software is completely written in Java to allow complete multi-platform support yet maintain a powerful server environment. The server is designed to out-perform all of its competition by exceeding performance standards as well as introducing extended features that make it the final e-mail server solution for your business needs. Unlike our competitors we don!t believe in charging more for the number of boxes you utilize. Every server license has unlimited boxes and does not enforce any box size restrictions you don!t wish to have enforced. Our server is designed to fulfill the needs of a small business site that only utilizes a few mailboxes as well as more robust licensing for large enterprise environments that support potentially thousands of boxes on several machines. The size of the server utilization is entirely determined by the size of the environment to which is resides. Some e-mail users may wish to retain addresses with third-party providers (such as Hotmail or Yahoo!), with the embedded POP3 client it!s a simple matter to have PyramexServer remotely retrieve third-party mail and put it in a single box for easier receipt for the client. Further, clients may also have need to forward copies or redirect messages to third-party addresses. With our simple forwarding policies it is a simple task to link a local address to any third-party e-mail address. Our developers are continually working to better our products and provide support to our clients. Finally, updates are always free and convenient with our automated update system. No requirement to buy upgrades and your purchased license will never expire, that!s our guarantee to you..
January 7, 2006  
Pyramex Mail
Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows CE,Unix,Linux,MS-DOS,AS/400,OS/2,OS/
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