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Study software -Make your notes as Text/Ink diagrams reflecting your thoughts, rather than typically having to confine your thoughts to standard notetaking rules. RecallPlus will then test your knowledge of the notes you have made and track your revision to optimize learning efficiency. Things you forget revised more than things you know - graphs showing your progress etc. Revises only what is necessary depending on your results. Study time need predictions given. Offers tips,memory info. Ultimately RecallPlus speeds up your learning, improving your study technique in 10 ways... basically making optimal learning techniques your study habit! This note-taking study method combines flashcard revision and concept maps in a unique hybrid. Specifically, this study software tests you on concept maps like typical flashcards. RecallPlus is fully Ink/Tablet enabled. In addition to making Text and Ink diagrams, you can also draw and import images quickly and easily, record sounds in seconds. Shape recognize allows the rough drawing of shapes and a single click then changes that shape into a smoothed one. Study time need predictions are real! Your study behaviour is observed and simulated up to the time of an exam? results graphed out in a report. Organize the diagrams on cards into heirachies within a chapter. Connect them using !wormholes!. Break reminders given. Offers tips and memory info in the memory toolbox which includes memory tools, tasks and exercises. Export to pdf, doc, html..
January 7, 2006  
EvolutionCode Pty Ltd
US Price $34.95
Download RecallPlus (Trial Version)
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