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SQL Backup & Restore Wizard - Free SQL Backup & Restore Wizard download


SQL Backup and Restore Wizard does exactly what it says ? this product has been designed to give peace of mind to the end user. How many times do you worry about what if you loose your crucial data ? well worry no more this tool takes you through a few easy steps allowing you to back up and restore data where ever and when ever. Features: - Auto detection of installed SQL Server Instances Database Backup Database Restore File Compression ( To reduce by upto 90% the disk space required to store your backup files ) File Encryption ( To keep the data held in your backups secure ) Backup File Destination Mapping ( Automatically Assigns new File Names to Backup Files ) Intelligent Restore ( Automatically calculates where to store the database device files during restore ) Scheduling of Backup Operations ( Backup schedules are automatically added to the Windows Task Scheduler ) Recording of Backups to the Windows Event Log.
January 7, 2006  
Simego Limited
Download Free SQL Backup & Restore Wizard
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