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Stitcher is the award-winning, full featured photo stitcher for professionals. Create impressive panoramas in the formats you need for print, web, film and 3D output. Stitcher combines overlapping photos easily into stunning wide-angle, high-quality images for creating high-impact web pages, definition mattes, environment maps, image sequences, and 3D models. This special-edition plug-in for ACDSee was made by REALVIZ.Advanced Pano Creation and AdjustmentEasily drag and drop pictures to align them. Calibrate camera focal length and distortion parameters, and automatically blend color/brightness between stitched photos. Remove artifacts (such as moving objects and flaws), add hotspots to link to other images or the web, and set the panning horizon.Output, Batch and Power FeaturesOutput to industry-standard, high quality formats. Create panoramas in batches. Save time with templates and custom-saved calibrations.Discover why Stitcher won the FrontLine game developer award and four stars from Computer Arts magazine, among others..
January 7, 2006  
ACD Systems
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