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If you are using Outlook as groupware solution in your office, then you are probably using also Outlook to manage your Tasks. Outlook allows you to itemize your workload, to create a task (or ToDo) list. Listing tasks is a good way to remember them, but it is almost impossible to create the right reports and to win an overview about your tasks. All this missing reporting features are part of our Outlook Addon TaskAddIn. Task-AddIn ist he perfect helper for your daily work with Outlook task. Wit Task-AddIn you can show your planed, closed, critical or just task belonging to one category. And you are of course able to search your tasks. You can define your own html templates and define the look and feel of generated reports. With various parameter setting you are able to influence the behaviour of Task-AddIn. Task-AddIn is COM-Object running as Outlook Add-On. You can access it’s functions by choosing the Task-AddIn button placed within your Outlook. You can use Task-AddIn to: Create automatically on the start of Outlook overview of all your tasks for today including all old not closed tasks, Create report of all closed tasks till today or for specified day, Create report with all open tasks till today or for specified day, Show report with all Tasks Show overall statistic, Create report of all closed tasks till today or for specified day for one category, Create report with all open tasks till today or for specified day for one category, Show category statistic Search string with in Task subject and task body and present the results. You can change very easy the behave of the Add-On by editing the setting file. Task-AddIn is delivered with two language files German and English. In order to add new language you just need to create the new language file and to set language parameter. Based on css-file you can influence the look and feel of you reports. On this way you are able for example to set the colour of critical tasks for example to red..
January 7, 2006  
Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Not Applicable
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