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Text Iterator - Free Text Iterator download


Text Iterator is a information collect & web page make tool. If you have a formated document, but some special text is different, Text Iterator will do you a favor. To that formated document you can define a template, and the place where the text is different, you can place there a Named Tag(we named it Field), then you can copy or drag&drop the text to the field, and output all the document. This is a freeware, you can use or redistribute Text Iterator for free, but do not modify it or make profit in any way! The operation is simple, just follow the following 3 steps: 1. Create the CATEGORY to classify the article you want to make; 2. Create the TEMPLATE, input the FIXED text and replace the variable text with TAGs(Fields); 3. Input the tags! content, you have two method do this, copy/paste or drag/drop; 4. Output the article, select one or more, press [Make an page]/[Make all selected] button to create; The detail information please visit, thanks..
January 7, 2006
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