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txtPro Text Editor is your all-in-one multi language code editor, text editor and HTML editor! Great looking color syntax highlighting combined with auto indentation give you the feedback you need to code productively. Turn on line numbering (if you like), choose your favorite font to edit with, and you!re ready to fly! txtPro!s new tabbed document interface makes it a breeze for you to move around your source code. And, you won!t spend extra time opening and saving documents because txtPro has keyboard shortcuts and multiple context menus placed right were you need them most... making you as productive as possible. You can even take advantage of txtPro!s powerful regular expression searching when plain old searching and replacing just won!t cut it. Choose to auto-adjust your code!s case based on language specification, use the "Repeat Command" tool to save time entering commands multiple times, and even fine tune the tab size to your liking. All of this, and a myriad of other options, makes txtPro Text Editor the best choice for all your text based editing needs! txtPro is great for editing plain text files as well as for coding in C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, Basic, VBScript, PHP, HTML, XML, Delphi, Cobol, Assembly, LATEX, CSS, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion, Pascal, Perl, Python as well as SQL scripts or any other text based programming language. txtPro also makes a great editor for editing system files such as batch files, INI files, log files, CSV files, and various other types of script files and Make files..
January 7, 2006  
Shareware Solutions
Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Download Free txtPro Text Editor
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