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User Directories for IIS - Free User Directories for IIS download


User Directories for IIS is an IIS ISAPI Filter DLL that web enables your Windows user accounts. This functionality has long been available on UNIX platforms and now it is available for the IIS web server. Access home directories using the standard ~username mechanism in the URL. Benefit from providing web space to all of your existing employees on your company Intranet with minimal setup. Deploy this product and all of your user accounts become web enabled. Each employee can configure their own personal web site. Minimize conversion costs of migrating a UNIX web site with home directories to IIS. Support for deploying to a single web site or to all virtual sites within a given IIS configuration. Designed as a super fast and efficient ISAPI filter. Support for standardizing web folders within home directories across user accounts. This is similar to the public_html folder on UNIX platforms. Built-in install and uninstall procedures. Works with any site served by IIS. No code changes required for your site. Configuration options let you control how the filter works. Super fast and efficient Minimal impact to your overall server performance..
January 7, 2006  
Dash Technologies
WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Download Free User Directories for IIS
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