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WebCamSplitter Pro - Free WebCamSplitter Pro download


It!s known that two or more applications cannot use the same stream from the same webcam at the same time. If one application captures a video source, another application cannot reach it because the source is locked. Typical example: you need to give a videoconference with two friends or partners at once. If your videoconference software does not support multiple conferences, you will have to start two instances of the same software. Unfortunately, in this case you may get into trouble because one application will translate video, and the other one will not. What is the solution? It!s simple - just use WebCamSplitter. Also it is possible to use a media file instead of video capture device. In Pro version one can duplicate up to 4 web cameras at a time..
January 7, 2006  
VerySoft LLC
Download Free WebCamSplitter Pro
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