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X-Copy Professional - Free X-Copy Professional download


X-Copy Professional is the software that you were looking for. Its graphic interface and its name have been taken back by the most famous program developed for the computer Commodore Amiga 500 (the successor of the Commodere 64). We are very proud to be able to work in the world of X-Copy. The technology of X-Copy Professional is superior to the competitors. The development of the program has been effected through the last release of Visual Studio.Net (Microsoft) and the burning engine derives from CdrWin 6 (RecDev). "The power is under control". We have just entered in the digital era of the DVDs and for this reason our concentration has been based on the ability to copy whatever disk. Games, music, applications and movies can be copied with happened by X-Copy Professional. Its exceptional engine allows you to always get an identical copy to the original one. Don!t accept compromises, if you need a program endowed with an extraordinary strength of copy you are in the correct place. Thanks to the new MMC technology, practically all the actual and future burners are and will be supported. The DotNet technology offers some advantages that the other producers don!t succeed in offering yet. If you will decide to become a consumer of X-Copy Professional you will be always a step above to the others. Movies: As you know all the movies in the market are sold or rented on disks of 9 GBs. X-Copy Professional is able to copy these disks in format 1:1 (9 GBs to 9 GBs). Why do you want to lose the quality that these marvelous movies give you every day? With X-Copy Professional you will get identical copies to the original ones (clones). Naturally you will also copy with success the menus and the extras. Be adjourned, don!t stay back!.
January 7, 2006  
Wolverine Software House
WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
US Price $39
Download X-Copy Professional (Trial Version)
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