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Description : All-in-One Secretmaker
The All-in-One Secretmaker 4.2.3 is the multiple facilities having software. It is included with Intruder Blocker, Pop-up Blocker, Movie Blocker, History Cleaners, Cookie Eraser, Security Watchdog, Spam Fighter, Banner Blocker, Privacy Protector and Worm Hunter. The Intruder Blocker saves the computer from trackware, viruses and spyware. Pop-up Blocker will stop unnecessary pop-ups. The Movie Blocker is for blocking Flash ads. The History Cleaner is able to clear all unwanted tracks, files and logs. The Cookie Eraser can avoid profiling and the Security Watchdog knows all malicious parasites and mysteryware which can assault the computer. Spam Fighter evaluates spam and works with all POP3 e-mail client and the automated whitelist keeps chosen contacts perfect. Banner Blocker is situated in this software for reducing promotion banners. The Privacy Protector of the All-in-One Secretmaker will hide identity while surfing..
January 10, 2006  
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
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user's review for All-in-One Secretmaker 4.2.3
This is very multi using software. I like this software is very very much. I am using this software from many months. This is very fantastic software for my all computer business. - By David
You can use All-in-One Secretmaker 4.2.3 software is very simple, I am also using this software is very easily & friendly. I like these all features like that Movie Blocker, Privacy Protector, History Cleaners & many more. - By Leonhardt
I am fully satisfied with this software because this is multi using software. I love All-in-One Secretmaker 4.2.3 software is very much. This is my first selection in all this type software. - By Doug
The All-in-One Secretmaker 4.2.3 is the software supported with all versions of windows like XP, 2000, Me and 98. It is really very great utility. I like it especially because although of this much different function it gives no any extra load on computer. - By Renee
This is the only utility with this much capabilities. From the time I have installed this software my computer become much good then before. Also I donít need any other software for securing my computer then this. - By Hewitt
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