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Description : Ad-Aware
Ad-Aware Free is currently a most well-liked anti-spyware creation for the computer users all around the world, with almost 1 million downloads each and every week. Our new version of Ad-Aware 2009 anti-spyware make available the users with an selection of the most superior defense for all in opposition to the unwanted spyware inclusion that secretly get attacked and takes on the over all control of your computer, resulting in an destructive advertisement pop-ups, makes all the activity very slow in the computer, it even identify the unwanted theft by means of stolen bank particulars, passwords, and credit card account statistics.

About Ad-Aware 2009
Ad-Aware 2009 is also known as the Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition, which now and then keeps an eye to protect your computer. It easily runs on Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), and Windows 2000 Pro. Our old version users are given an easy way like after starting the installation of Ad-Aware 2009, the previous version i.e. Ad-Aware 2008 will be directly uninstalled.

Most of the new and innovative changes in Ad-Aware 2009
1. Integrated Ad-Watch Live! Basic – The application now immediately detect the unwanted malware programs before they can attack in the continuous process protection.

2. Radically Improved Resource Efficiency – Work out very lightly on your system’s resources with more required improvements for the less usage of memory.

3. External Drive Scanning – It scans your peripheral storage devices like iPods, DVDs, USBs, and more for an extra coating of safety.

4. Customizes the Personal Profiles for Scans – It can easily generate and save a modified scan profile, so in short Ad-Aware 2009 only scans the areas that you select.

5. Lavasoft SmartSet – The Scanning and cleaning process of this adware is very easy with pre-defined and continuous changes in the configured setting for scans and recommend the required actions for infections.

6. Pin-Point Scan - Easily assessable for the corrupted files, a right-click to any file or folder can perform scan with Ad-Aware or submit to ThreatWork for examination.

7. Detect, Remove and Clean – A step further than simplicity is the detection and removal of malware, Ad-Aware cleverly cleans the complete system by eliminating all the traces of infection.

8. Full Integration with Windows Security Center – The user is able to get an Ad-Aware protection and complete status notifications all the way through the Windows Security Center.

* Scanning for external devices
* Resource management is automatically enhanced
* New and enhanced user interface
* New TrackSweep tool included
* Frequent updates as required

* No support for the Google Chrome Browser
* Some of the interesting features are only added in the Pro and Plus versions.
June 9, 2010  
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for Ad-Aware 2009
The Ad-Aware 2009 is very prominent with its use for personal home use only. Ad-Aware 2009 detects the removable spyware, adware, malware and other unwanted objects that can harass the computers. - By Jane
Ad-Aware 2009 is highly planned and the customers are able to get with a large amount of advanced protection from the very well-known Data-mining, redundant advertising, bugs, scumware, preferred traditional Trojans, Dialers, and Browser hijackers. - By Robby
The evolution of Ad-Aware 2009 Anniversary Edition is one of the foremost application that is built to locate and eliminate the unwanted adware and spyware, the Ad-Aware's excellent standing is well-acceptable. - By Mithane
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