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Description : AOL Instant Messenger
The AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 is the software for communicating with people via private text messages without being a member of an America Online service. With this software one can get lots of beneficial facilities like indication and notification when any business colleagues, friend or family member become online. One can also make combine AOL's Buddy List, send instant messages and get response of messages through this application. The AOL Instant Messenger is having the support of friendly name for Mobile and ICQ users on the buddy list. This application also gives the ability of generating, editing and adding more memorable name as you like..
May 30, 2006  
America Online
Mac OS 9.x/Mac OS X 10.1
Download AOL Instant Messenger 4.7
user's review for AOL Instant Messenger 4.7
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 software is fastest and greatest. When I run OS X 10.4 and it crashes distant too often to be of any actual occupy. It is particularly useful for me. - By Steve
I recently got the G5 for school and have not problems with AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 and mozilla fire fox indiscriminately quitting. It is really frustrating and I don't know what to do to fix it! I am cool man. - By Anne
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 is still the great at doing the whole thing that needs to be done and displaying the friend record. I do not want any another software. I want this updated just like AOL. I am very happy with this software. - By Maxine
I really want to thanks a lot for providing such a useful application for free. For downloading the AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 there is no need of being America online member is the biggest benefit of it. - By Molly
I am using this program since many times. I have made a very big friend list. I really love to send instant messages via this software. I like the flexibility for buddy list the most of this software. - By Christopher
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