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Description : Ashampoo FireWall
The Ashampoo FireWall makes it simple for everyone to set up an efficient, free firewall. This is a tiny program that uses very small memory and computer resources. Its user interface give details itself every step of the way. The information is right there on the screen where you require it so that most users will never require consulting the help files. This software provides ultimate security against Internet intruders, enabling you to regain control over your data. This software checks your entire computer's network activity and protects you against both incoming and outgoing connections..
April 6, 2008  
Windows 2000/XP
Download Ashampoo FireWall 1.2
user's review for Ashampoo FireWall 1.2
Ashampoo FireWall 1.2 is the most excellent firewall, which I have tried ever. It gives my pc the best protection. The program is simple to use for anyone that is a novice. The program is also pleasant on system resources and does not slow your PC down like other firewall software. - By Asim
I think it is outstanding, very trouble-free to use and very efficient software. It has extremely amazing interface and its functions are very simple for every one. I have used it for about 2 months and I haven't had a trouble with it. It's working great. - By Bill
Ashampoo FireWall 1.2 is probably the easiest Firewall out there. This program is very light on your system and very user-friendly and secure. This program really feels and is strong at defending your pc with a simple mode. I highly recommend this software to all my friends for protect their pc. - By Byrne
It really boosted my system speed with the use of this software. It is quicker and more efficient in comparison to other Firewalls. It does an excellent job on let you know when a program needs to get access to the net. I give all the points for this software. It is such fantastic… - By Toleti
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