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Description : Azureus
The Azureus is a 27 languages supported comprehensible Java BitTorrent client. Azureus connects to the BitTorrent network which is peer-to-peer protocol designed to transfer files. One can directly connect with receiving and sending part of a file with it. The central tracker systematize the action of all peers and controls links without distributing information of the contents of the files. With the BitTorrent program one can manage the network bandwidth very proficiently because of its uploading facility while downloading. BitTorrent is designed to work greater than further file-transfer protocols as the number of people apprehensive in a certain file amplifying. Minor features are updated with the presentation growth and bug fixes in version
March 14, 2007  
Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
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user's review for Azureus
Azureus is fantastic. The installation went perfectly. The setup was trouble-free. It is a very decent torrent client. It attach to just about all peers possible. It has first-class speed in uploading. - By Methon
I like this software very much. This is the best. This is the best bittorent client i have ever used. It is very secure and is very speedy and most excellent. I love this software. - By Rocky
This is one of the most prevalent and simple to use applications I have ever seen. This is a solid program. I love this software’s all function and it is very easy. - By Magi
This program is very superior, downloads pretty quickly and looks very cool worth downloading. It has greatest download speeds of any BitTorrent client. This is the best. - By Rozy
I didn't use this software but my friends told me, and they say it is amazing and marvelous, so I am getting it lets hope all goes fine. Thank you very much! - By Thunder
It is a great file sharing software. The Azureus is a twenty seven languages supported understandable Java BitTorrent client. I highly suggested this software to my all friends and every body. It is truly good file sharing software. - By Gaurnag
I am a big fan of this software. It has best download speeds of any BitTorrent client. It is truly one of the best file sharing software. I always use this software in my personal computer. Superb software! - By Paul
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