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Description : BitComet
BitComet is a p to p box file sharing freeware completely well-suited with Bit torrent, which is one of the majority admired p2p procedure designed for elevated velocity sharing of many MB or GB sized documentation. This is an influential, fresh, quick and trouble-free to utilize bit torrent customer. It supports concurrent download queue, downloads, chosen downloads in torrent box up, speedy resume, discussion, disk store, speed limits, proxy, port mapping and many other..
December 19, 2007  
Windows (All Versions)
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user's review for BitComet 0.97
This is one of the greatest and newest of file sharing software. I am very glad and happy to say that this is my favorite’s software and I am exceptionally effortless to exercise. I am increasingly using this software for my personal working. I am very content and glad with this software. - By Tyrone
Just like lovely and fantastic about that this is file sharing software is really very helpful and very useful for all types of user who interested about that box file distribution software. This software is absolutely very famous and most popular software in this location. - By Polastri
When I am founded BitComet 0.97 with new version then I am extremely contented and passionate for that. This is the greatest file sharing software. I am extremely satisfied and happy with this software. I am admirer of it. It is actually simple to operate. - By Shelley
I am extremely overwhelmed and happy about that it is actually simple to set up and straightforward to utilize. This is the most excellent software and I am a lot of times using this file sharing software. I have not at all evils with this software. - By Elainey
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