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Free Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.9.95478.509 Download

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Description : Comodo Firewall + Antivirus
Comodo declare that their firewall is exceptional in that it overtakes all well-recognized leak testing to make sure the uprightness of statistics inflowing and outgoing your computer system organization. The Comodo has set a firewall throughout all types of complicated analysis to make certain its firewall facility is authoritative with sufficiency to charge off the various attacks of viruses with the default settings. None of the other firewall has boast to work this durable.

The new innovation of Comodo is Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 which is a complete package of fully tested features with prominent results to be captured. It amalgamates the COMODO Antivirus, COMODO Firewall and COMODO Defense+ in a flawless approach. This is made to be perfect software for the computer safety.

Developed by one of the world’s foremost company Comodo, the Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 leverages a numerous expertise’s which is all inclusive of on-demand & on-access scanning, email scanning, progression supervising and worm overcrowding to instantly set up clean-up or quarantining secured files commencing your hard-drives, joint disks, e-mails, downloads and system memory.

Using an exclusive Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 there is guarantee to know the most of PCs with
safe files, the firewall rejects several and all not proper files, maintaining them from getting executed awaiting that you make it surely complete safe. With the help of free repeated modernization for the most recent in PC safety the Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 is the accurate software.

There are few possible facts being developed and divided into New, Improved and Fixed categories in Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509:

New Changes:
• The software supports the Multilingual CIS for other languages.
• Integrated BOClean
• Stateful File Inspection for Realtime Virus Scanner

Improved Changes:
• Default popup layout changed to the basic layout in order to encourage the use of it
• Clipboard logging
• Keyboard input blocking
• Delivers total end-point security for Personal Computers and Networks
• Submission functionality for the Quarantined items added
• Configuration Management
• Stronger Default Firewall policy

Fixed problems:
• Avntivirus heuristics does not detect some files properly
• CIS does not validate digital certificates properly
• CIS occasionally crashes while submitting the files
• CIS does not detect some types of shellcodes upon a BO attack
• IS blocks some application from being executed.
Firewalls and Security
June 21, 2010  
Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7
Download Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.9.95478.509
user's review for Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.9.95478.509
Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 acquires a most important revision from its older versions; improvement to Version 3 with a number of noteworthy modifications was a most prominent success for Comodo. - By Andrew
The new-look Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 features a pleasant graphical user-interface; extremely rough arrangement choice; effortlessly understand and revealing alerts; the wizard-based recognition of reliance regions and much more. - By Edison
Comodo Firewall Pro 3.9.95478.509 also observes the mechanism such as driver files that are utilized to set off with all the network connections as well as other successive processes to ensure for problems. - By Ron
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