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Description : CuteFTP
CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home, one of the most authoritative and descriptively featured programs made for transferring the files between your computer and a virtual File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server on p[the Internet.

CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home is a Windows-based FTP server client that agrees to users for their utilization with the potentiality of FTP devoid of knowing all the information for the procedure itself. This is an outstanding FTP application series that consists a lot more than a pretty user interface. In addition to previous version features like drag-n-drop interface, auto renaming format and a resume download the CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home comprises of easy to arrange the scheduled file transfers process with lots of alternatives for including the files, it completely identifies the thumbnails of isolated images also provide a absolute speed up with the file transfers with advanced security & the script and macro supports.

Here are some key features of " CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home ":
1). Security: The application includes the following security measures:
Password Manager
One Time Password authentication protocol
Secure Shell (SSH)
OpenPGP encryption and decryption

2). Automation: It highly includes automatic mechanism for better convenience in using:
Easily monitories local folders for updations.
Create safe backup for your sites
Create Podcast RSS feeds and manage audio files
Consumes labor and time saving scripts and macros
Schedule fast, fully-automated transfers

3). Simplicity: The usage of the application is very easy for a beginner as well as for the professional:
Drag and drop tool for easy transfers of files
Easily edit the remote documents with its incorporated text editor
View thumbnails of remote images
Connect to new websites in an instant with gradually pop up wizards

4). Speed: The usability of the application is made very quick and fast for following workouts:
Effortlessly perform concurrent transfers
Securely work with numerous remote sites at a time

The most improved and prominent changes made in CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home application are as follows:
1. Includes Help links which were not being available in CuteFTP 8.
2. Corrected the port crashing criteria that took place when CuteFTP replace the IP address of the server.
3. Improved protocol destruction fault that arise when trying to get connect to a website by means of HTTP protocol.
4. There is an inclusion of Multi-Part Transfers that were hard coded to four connection sets. This caused a transfer to fail every time when multiple transfers were attempted
5. Corrected the error where the site executive was not removed at the time when CuteFTP was being uninstalled..
File Tranfer Protocol
May 11, 2010  
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Download CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home
user's review for CuteFTP 8.3.2 Home
The balance between functionality and usability of the CuteFTP Home has made it a much preferred application for the users since last many years. Get this software and have the best usage of it for transferring your file/folders with an ease. - By Diebel
An integrated HTML editor lets the users to change the existing pages devoid of cheating an intermediary program. It is an absolute package for security, automatic mechanism, and simple to use & faster for transfers. - By Andrew Karasev
There's also a latest connection with wizards, a restored search tool, and a support feature that allows you to backup your PC to a remote server any where in the world. The right-click case addition is a pleasant feel too, that set aside the user to upload FTP files from any required program or file browser. - By Mike Yeager
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