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Description : DC++
The DC is a complimentary unlocked resource and the best ad and spy ware free application. It is written in C for the direct connect process. First of all it was urbanized by John Hess. This software gives the ability to user for sharing files with the other users. This software is having hold-up for router and firewall in further. This program is very simple and also supports lots of functions like auto-connections, multi hub relations and resuming of downloads..
Open Source
October 22, 2007  
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
Download DC++ 0.699 Beta
user's review for DC++ 0.699 Beta
This software is customer for the Direct Connect file sharing system. The straight Connect system is a decentralized network, complete up of person servers that users join to share files with additional members on that hub. - By Greenberg
This is the best and wonderful software; it is base on visible factors, the most prevalent customer on the straight attaches system. This is really very useful and very helpful software for me. And I am very happy with this sharing software. - By Felde
I like very much about that it is providing conversion into other languages by custom supplied XML verbal communication files. It is really very easy to use and I am very happy and satisfied with this software. - By Bunnie
DC++ 0.699 Beta is really very fine and charming software. It is providing really great entertainment and enjoying to me. I am ever use this software and I have nothing problems with this file sharing software. - By Effinger
It perfectly provides the capability to user for sharing files with the other clients. I am a big fan of this great file sharing software. It has also hold-up for firewall and router. I highly recommend you to use it. - By Russell
The DC++ 0.699 Beta is incredibly simple software for sharing files. It also greatly supports lots of functions such as multi hub relations, resuming of downloads, and auto-connections. I like it a lot! Thank you very much! - By Michael
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