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Description : eMule
eMule 0.49c is a file sharing software client which is supported by the eDonkey2000 set of rules, which means the user of the application is easily able to unite with the most official eDoneky2000 clients and visa-versa by means of eMule 0.49c.

Some factors that influence the download speed:
- eMule 0.49c configure improved settings.
- High ID gives the absolute Firewall and router settings.
- Duration of the eMule 0.49c session is being made very easier.
- Makes available with a number of sources for a download.
- Availability of single parts.

The eMule 0.49c as well includes a variety of facilities for the user to be free from any trouble. There are many product upgrading which includes quite a few GUI enhancements, vibrant IP safety; submerge defense; direct call-back; look for filter of the most required shared files and is easier to admit for the comment filter; each file is completely verified for the possible corruption while its downloading procedure, the application with its features of Firewall ensures the error free downloads; and lastly the user is made accessible to identify their own grouping of files to be downloaded for the system organization.

• Here are some key features of "eMule 0.49c":
1. Clients make use of an amount of networks to generate a single and most consistent set of connections like ED2K, Source Exchange.

2. eMule 0.49c utilizes Kad network, as at present it is in open-source test phase.

3. eMule 0.49c's includes a Queue and Credit arrangement that uploads back the user’s network.

4. eMule 0.49c is also entirely liberated by the inclusion of the Adware, Spyware, and etc.

5. Each file during the download process is being exclusively checked for corruptions by any type of error.

6. The eMule 0.49c Intelligent Corruption Control facilitates the user to speed up the correction for the ruined fractions.

7. The Preview task make available the user to look at your required Videos and Files before they are finished with the inclusion of Video LAN client.

8. The user can craft grouping for their download to systematize them in a proper manner.

• Enhanced Improvements being established in eMule 0.49c:
1). Fixed a minute GUI illustration in the transfer of window panels [dolphinX].

2). Added GUI forename that gives the references to more or less of the Kad queries [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS].

3). Included the complete sanity check for the odd concerns seen in the crash unloads relating to the SourceExchange reactions.

4). There is an increased UDP-Socket buffer to avoid packet of losses.

5). The following BETA bugs are fixed:
- Popup on the most shared files list which were not working.
- Fixed the shared files calculation that was not always accurate in the GUI.
- Determined the every shell relations that had some issues, avoiding them from getting shared..
File Sharing
May 8, 2010  
eMule Project
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Download eMule 0.49c
user's review for eMule 0.49c
After the installation of eMule 0.49c, it shows immense improvement as compared to its previous version; it recovers all the damaged files, and has enhanced the technique of searching the required files for downloading. It also facilitates the users to choose the archive they desire to distribute with more exactness. - By Wilson
eMule 0.49c Plus 1.2b as well affix a lot of additional and little changes which may create many bugs. A simple user interface in the eMule 0.49c goes with an extensive means for making itself a simple task to use. - By Tessa
The file sharing between the networks becomes a prominent system in eMule 0.49c which build an extremely specialized arrangement for users, who have up till now deal with severely slow downloads. - By John
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