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Description : FFDShow MPEG-4
The FFDShow MPEG-4 is Video Decoder. It is a DirectShow translating filter for decompressing DIVX movies. FFDShow MPEG-4 has VFW codec for video/audio processing and video/audio compression/decompression. This software uses post processing code from mplayer to improve graphic quality of a low bit rate movie. FFDShow MPEG-4 is based on unique DirectShow filter from DivX, H.264, XviD, WMV, FLV1, and MPEG movies, which is GPLŽed educational execution of MPEG4 encoder. The feature of this software is automatically decreasing post processing level when CPU load is high..
February 1, 2008
Windows All
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user's review for FFDShow MPEG-4
The FFDShow can translate almost any audio/video. It’s capability to perform video, but more importantly, audio post processing. If any problem you have in video. FFDShow MPEG-4 has features that can help you. - By Bremner
It is remarkable video quality of all file formats it supports. Using this on XP in WMP11, I honestly have not seen anything better. It has true color at all and plus quality is sharp. - By Toni
It works very well through DirectShow. DirectShow filters collect themselves as a sequence, which is used to procedure audio/video and etc information from the source file. It is capable to perform a lot of things with multimedia and cooperate anything in Windows. - By Odom
I have used FFDShow for last two months; it acts well in vista and other operating system. It is better handling Divx, particularly in vista. It has all useful tools. This software is the most standard version because the whole compiling procedure goes automated fairly. - By Scherer
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