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Description : Google Desktop
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 provides each an every accommodation with the availability not only to search data on your PC, but also itís definitely displays required news and direct new emails on your system. The application is a complete search engine gadget which makes you to have a pretty search much more with a direct contact from your desktop.

The user of Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 can locate the every information through the prominent contents of the computer system, internet, email accounts, Outlook elements and various other media. It as well allows the user to have a sidebar that gives an absolute and easy access to have RSS feeds and news.

How does Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 works:
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 put forward a great and much easy accessibility to have the perfect statistics on the computer and get it all from the web search. As a desktop search application, Google Desktop make the user available with a full text search option for all computer files, photos, music, web pages and chats. Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 makes your computer searchable and puts all the necessary information in an easy with the reach and allots you to have a manual organization on files, bookmarks and emails.

Version 5.8.809.23506 is absolutely compatible with its working in Windows Vista, followed with a rounded angles and clear side panels which are competent to prevail the search as a Vista sidebar. Also there's is a inclusion of cross-indexing for all multiple technology and a sharing panel that directly have a contact with friends. The newest included feature in Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 is the preview section for search results, which can save a lot of time on clicking, opening, and closing.

Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 makes your computer a perfect search engine with the following features:
Useful Results:
Desktop search will show the user all required and most relevant results along with the search, each of the outcomes include file name and a brief description within a highlighted area.

Quick Search Box:
Quick Search Box is a fastest way to search on the web; it is use to have the quick search in the center of your desktop system.

Smart Indexing:
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 has a compatibility to indicate the results on email, files and also for web history placed in your PC system. This is one-time indexing which is idle for more than 30 seconds.

Multiple File Types:
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 automatically forms multiple indexes for the files, and also allows the users to have a search for full text.

Finding Deleted Files:
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 is also accessible with finding of deleted files. It creates cached snapshots of the files at time you view them, and stores them on your PC hard drive system.

Advanced Search Form:
"Advanced Search" is just next to the search engine box on the homepage of Desktop that brings up an advanced search format for Google users.

Other additional features in Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 comprises of:
* Deskbar and Floating Deskbar
* Lock Search
* Microsoft Outlook Integration.
July 9, 2010  
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7
Download Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506
user's review for Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506
Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 is one of the prominent Search Application, which is developed for your computer system to search required files, such as Outlook Express, Excel, Word, AOL, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, and all Text formats. - By Judy
The new version of Google Desktop easily includes the availability for side panels, which can be customized to have a detailed information regarding news, weather, e-mails which required Gmail account, it also provides service for the exchange in information. - By Russell
Here Google Desktop 5.8.809.23506 is just a part of advanced search on Google with various facility and effective preferences, only which are modified and used up on the local search rather than on the Internet. - By Adel Awwad
The new version of Google Desktop easily includes the availability for side panels, - By Muzafar
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