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Description : GSplit
The GSplit 3.0.1 is a file splitter software which will enables you fragment big files in to small pieces. With it you can zip multimedia, movie, picture, document files, archives, music, backup and song in to small set of files called pieces. You can also customize pieces files as per your requirements. It will let you leave extra spaces on disk and generates pieces without headers so you can use it again. The GSplit software is having support for splitting manifold files at one time together with command line and batch options. You will get support for all versions of windows with this software..
May 4, 2009  
The G.D.G. Software Team
Windows All
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user's review for GSplit 3.0.1
The GSplit 3.0.1 software shows elapsed and estimated times while uniting and splitting process. It really helps a lot in working in timely manner. Even I can resume or pause the splitting operation anytime. - By Jones
With this software I just need to store settings in to profiles once and it will enables working with that setting for different files. It is truly an outstanding feature. Also it is having in-built Windows Explorer for splitting files straightforwardly from the context menu. - By Adrienne
I like this software very much because I can do most the work automatically with this software. It remembers MRU folders and files, try to find the perfect splitting settings suitable with you automatically and many others. - By Cailin
Very less requirements and all windows support makes the GSplit software different then all others. Also its splitting ability of large files is excellent. With it I can zip multimedia, songs, music, movies and many other things very easily. - By Tina
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