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Description : Hamachi
Hamachi is effectively designed for the connection to be involved in the access of administrator and far away network links through the included VPN system; it as well comprises of server cluster system being managed by the vendor of the system and also by the client of that software.

The software includes the connection of most Out bounded traffic being send by the operating system of the computer to the user interface and is easily delivered to the client software appliance, this transversal encrypts and certifies the system application and then resend it to the required destination of the VPN peer to peer user client computer over a defined UDP connection. Hamachi claims to user to make use of strong industry-standard algorithms to get the absolute security for the important the data with its secured architecture.

What is Hamachi and how it works?
Hamachi is a virtual private networking service application that makes the easy set up of the software in 10 minutes, and it as well enables the user to acquire a most distinct secured remote access to their business network, anywhere through Internet set of connections.

The application efficiently works with the users existing firewall system, and involves no configuration. Hamachi is the foremost networking relevance to distribute a unique level of direct connectivity. Each Hamachi client is being separately assigned with an IP address which ranges from address block. This address is allocated the user when they log into the system application for the initial stage, and is thereafter associated with the client's password.

Advantages of Hamachi
* Gives the absolute connection of LAN over the Internet. It as well arranges the most multiple computers into their own secured set of connections.
* There is inclusion of Files and Network Drives and an absolute access on the critical files and network drives.
* It is a Zero-configuration. The application easily works without the inclusion of a firewall or router.
* Supplies the precise Security for the leading industrial encryption and certification.
* It is most Cost Effective and free for non-commercial users.

Compatibility available in Hamachi
The current Hamachi version it built upon following operating systems:
* It is more useful with the application of Microsoft Windows that involves Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* The Linux 2.4 or newer system includes console-only with x86 and nokia770/arm binary only with an unofficial GUI front-end called hamachi-gui.
* Compatible with the FreeBSD.
* Mac OS X (console-only). It is universally binary coded and runs on Intel as well as PPC Macs PCs.
* Windows Mobile beta..
Networking and Admin
July 2, 2010  
LogMeIn Inc
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for Hamachi
The P2P protocol in the Hamachi version is made used to get the exchange of files & networks and also for the other data between different users of the software. - By Mussi
This new version of Hamachi display a very simple and gradual tutorial launch method for the first time users of the program by describing them for you how to get familiar with the usage of its main functionality. - By Joy
The package is a supreme multi-purpose tool lets you to get connected two computers by means of Internet and create the users own private group and get a hold of complete protected application within industrial-standard encryption algorithms. - By Jeff
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