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Description : Internet Explorer
Microsoft has released its final version of Internet Explorer 8 almost in 25 languages. Internet Explorer 8 is accessible with anyone who is running Windows Vista, Windows Server. It is being designed with the merchandise familiarity based on real-world information from the millions of consumer conference. It is abbreviated as IE8, and is one of the extensively running Internet Explorer browser chain.

Internet Explorer 8 includes various high elevated features for its optimization. Some of them are as follows:
- Accelerators to supply immediate access to the information like mapping,
- Web exploration
- Translation
- Email
- Blogging.

The Internet Explorer 8 is made available with fast performance, a well-designed address bar, improved privacy protection, and compatible view for exhibit the websites designed for older web-browsers. The Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is a big victor in the browser to allocate the sweepstakes, according to the Web measurement business Net Applications.

The Internet Explorer 8 provides the easier way to access the browsing with variety of sites. IE8 has incorporated with the guard to maintain the clients protected from authentic threats. It is being manufactured on actual world interoperability, principles, and compatibility. This feature is portrayed by Microsoft as an instrument to put forward websites, which is ended by the browser in transferring the information to Microsoft in excess of a protected relationship, which maintain the information and a uniquely-generated identifier for a little time.

The latest Standout Features of Internet Explorer 8 includes:
1. Generated content
2. Counters
3. Outline
4. Table display
5. Margin collapsing.
6. Floats now work almost correctly
7. Alternate Style-Sheets
8. Compatibility View
9. Grouped Tabs
10. InPrivate Browsing
11. Web Slices

Some of the good and bad points included in IE8 are:
Includes all required new safety features.
Multiple Browsing at a time.
Optimized with Search Engine features.
Provides faster performance for more approachable web experience.

IE 8 lacks a default "smart" location bar.
The Installation process still requires a reboot.
Need too much RAM space..
Browser and Plugins
May 4, 2010  
Windows XP/2003/Vista
Download Internet Explorer 8.0
user's review for Internet Explorer 8.0
Summary from the point of view of IE8 users: There are several new and interesting features found with the reference of IE8 users. The Web-Slices allows you to save predefined fragments of your Web page for anytime screening. - By Tessa
There's also tab sand-boxing that explains that when a tab collapse, IE8 won't arises this problem, and it constantly endeavor to bring back the page that stopped working. - By Tim Gorman
The Accelerators in IE8 create recurring everyday jobs at one-click browse behaviors, for example finding instructions or blogging. - By Leon Chaddock
In-Private browsing through IE8, it establishes a cache system and a history on-off button, whereas associated to the tabbing that are color-coded and mechanically rationalized as you open them. - By Robert A. Kelly
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