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Free LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta Download

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Description : LimeWire Basic
The LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta is the software for file sharing. This software is providing very quick P2P file sharing facility with the ability of searching and sharing any files of computers like text documents files, game, movies and picture files in further. This application is very easy to use. All the users just have install this software and it will become ready for running and searching the files. ITunes are also included in the LimeWire Basic software for all Windows and Mac users in further. This program is having very exceptional ultrapeer expertise which is able to decrease bandwidth necessities for almost all clients. This software is also having Bitzi metadata searching facility with involuntary local network probing skills for lightning different downloads very quickly. This program can be attached with computer straightforwardly..
December 3, 2007  
Lime Wire
Windows (All Versions)
Download LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta
user's review for LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta
This is one of the Strange and Superlative file sharing software. This file sharing software is incredibly functional and incredibly cooperative to me. So I am awfully cheerful to say that this is awfully renowned and the majority trendy software in this planet. - By Hickman
I am very glad to say that I am extremely passionate and crazy for this file distribution software. I have good quality and immense understanding with this file sharing software. It is in fact very simple to employ and I have not anything hesitation with it. - By Dalaman
I am awfully overcome and glad about that it is providing carry for attraction links that permit you to click on webpage relations that right to use Gnutella and nice facilities about function. I am always using this software and I am totally satisfied with it. - By Theasby
LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta is really very famous and most popular software in this my nation. Just like good-looking about that this software is very charming and wonderful for all customers who interested about file sharing software. - By Kincse
The LimeWire is like the right place...whenever u needs it. This amazing file sharing program is a quick P2P box file sharing function. - By Giota
The LimeWire Basic 4.15.0 Beta is really very powerful software for sharing file. I like this software the most because it gives very quick P2P file sharing and searching facility. I am really very impressed with it. - By Ryan
I have recently installed this software. Actually I am very new for the use of computer but this software is very easy to install. Also it attached directly to the computer which makes the using of it possible for the persons like me. - By TenBrink
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