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Description : MasterSplitter
The MasterSplitter 4.1i is the software for opening big files. It is a very handy and also very simple program which is also able to move large files in to floppy disk or CD. Transmission of the big files through e-mail is also possible by this software. This all features can work on binary or a text file. The MasterSplitter software is having intuitive graphical and aspects which makes splitting files very simple as any beginner can also use it without any problem. For the files bigger then 4 GB this software is having high-tech features..
Free to try; $12.95 to buy
May 29, 2006  
Tomasoft Corporation
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
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user's review for MasterSplitter 4.1i
MasterSplitter can split large files to move them onto a disk or for transmission via email. MasterSplitter 4.1i can split either binary or text files. Version 4.1i features adaptations for very big files greater than four gb and minor changes to the program. - By Lee
I like very much about MasterSplitter can split biggest files to move them onto a disk or for transmission. MasterSplitter 4.1i can split either binary or files. The program features an intuitive graphical user interface that makes splitting files affable. - By Kiehfuss
I usually work on computer most the time in my office. We use MasterSplitter 4.1i software for splitting any types of files. I like this tool especially just because no file is bigger for it. - By Rick
This is really very useful software because there is no problem occurs most the time with small time but big files create big problem many times. This software helps at that time very much. I really want to thanks a lot for this software. - By Mitchell
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