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Free MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1 Download

MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1 Software Visited 10699 Times
Description : MSN Messenger for Mac OS X
The MSN Messenger is the software with multiple features and facilities. With this software all the users will get the freedom of calling anywhere worldwide from the computer, checking that the contacts of your is online or not, seeing that other side of computer some one is typing or not and sending music and pictures to friends. This software also let you messages immediately with the coolest and novel emoticons, page a contact's mobile phone, exchanging instant messages and lots other things.

The MSN Messenger for Mac 5.0 software is easiest and also powerful application for instant messaging. This software is presenting communication services of two types. One is a corporate account and another is a personal account. The corporate account use the service of Microsoft Office Live Communications Server and able to incorporate the user's contacts from other instant messaging services like iChat users signed with AOL accounts, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. The personal account works with the MSN Messenger service on the Microsoft Passport Network and can include friends and family members only. Lots other new aspects are included in this software like enormous innovative icons and novel tabs for Corporate and personal accounts, brushed steel skin which make this dual-purpose program intuitive and stylish like other Mac programs. In further this software is having the facility of maximizing communication with maintaining significant company information, chatting safety behind corporate firewall with live Communications Server. This software use the identically same program for chatting with the company outsider contacts crossways a variety of well known IM networks including iChat, AIM, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. By synchronizing the business and personal accounts this software can control status of it in further..
May 30, 2006  
Microsoft Networks
Mac OS X v10.3+
Download MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1
user's review for MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1
MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1 for Mac makes it trouble-free to take benefit of the full influence of direct messaging. Microsoft has newly modernized their MSN Messenger for that. - By Sam
MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1 is great, and direct messaging Classic is a bit better, of course, I do not have so many options as in that. And for looking great and good, itís the best choice. - By Asare
Something wrong with other version and I'd avoid. When I meet MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1 this most popular and famous software, I am happy. - By Jackie
It is the software with multiple facilities and features. With this software I will get the independence of calling anywhere universal from the computer. I highly suggested this software to all my friends and each one. - By Benney
In my experience this is so pleasurable web messengers program. Totally, this is awesome web messengers program. If you look for the best enjoyable web messengers program, it will be an ideal web messengers program for you and everybody. - By Manksi
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