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Description : NoClone
After downloading lots of files from the Web there is a full chance of duplicate files installation jointly. These files can also be spread in the whole business or residential network of computer without informing user. The hard disk of our computer is very valuable and many duplicate files such as mp3, video, documents and pictures are generally west it because most the time they are unwanted and superfluous. The NoClone 3.2.60 software searches all the files like this and eliminates the real duplicate files by the perfect byte to byte comparison and never by CRC. The NoClone software is able to find any duplicate pictures files, document files, music files and any other type of files with putting content in spite of filename is center. This software is having lots other beneficial features and flexible facilities like saving the whole finding session and copying, moving or deleting the duplicate files. One can also choose the specified files for removal by the smart marker of this program. This software is having the skills of searching 3 network places with more then 300,000 files with cleaning up hard drives and managing them with good manner..

Free to try; $22.8 to buy
May 30, 2006  
Reasonable Software House
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
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user's review for NoClone 3.2.60
NoClone 3.2.60 extremely high-quality Reasonable Software House. A Smart indicator files are selected for scrubbing. Your hard drives may be full of documents, mp3, photos and video and many of them are extravagant. - By Steve
NoClone 3.2.60 Shareware that search your computer for photocopy files and remove them to free memory if is grate and Internet or duplicate files sprinkled over your home or corporate network it is very good! - By Douglas
Images can be imported from camera, scanner and all popular file formats and powerful file utility to interpretation a really great flash instrument. - By Lee
The NoClone 3.2.60 is exclusive software for managing hard drive and controlling the prevalence of duplicate files. I am using it from many times without any problem and make my pc total managed. I like to suggest the name of it to all my friends because it supports almost all versions of windows. - By Joanne
This software search the real duplicate file and delete only harmful files only which is the main benefit of it. It searches the duplicate files by contents and not by file name. This is the most unbeatable feature of it. - By Fredric
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