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Description : ObjectDock
ObjectDock 1.9 is a program that is gradually helps the users to have the best skinnable dock on their Windows PC desktop. The software is one of the well-known packages for all desktop management programs. It heavily exhibits the icons in shortcuts which are used for currently running programs and they can too hold a speed in best launch of icons for every favorite application.

As the user moves on cursor over each icon, ObjectDock 1.9 enlarge it and displays the particular 3D image or required information, which helps you to get the absolute need of any program with an accurate way of its running for all application at once. There are clock rounds for each toolbar.

With every download of ObjectDock 1.9 the user is capable to get the most even hide facility for the taskbar of Windows. The software includes a variety of animations for the required dock objects that are available. You can set the icons on your dock to zoom or spin when you move your mouse over them. The program also highly supports 3D themes. The Themes and docklets are easily downloaded with a fast speed. Docklets here in the software are very small applications and can be created for each program.

The improvements being done in the Version are as follows:
1. Put short-cuts on your dock
2. It Display’s the running tasks on the dock
3. It also puts docklets on the dock
4. There is accessibility for icons to zoom on mouse-over.
5. Change the appearance of icons of the tasks and also for the short-cuts.
6. Position the dock edge on the screen.
7. Optionally it represents running programs by a snapshot of their window and hide Windows taskbar
8. Skinnable interface

Newer features include Windows Vista compatibility, a new image searching feature, .DockZip support, a new algorithm for zoom docks, drag and drop support for items on docks, tabbed docks rotate automatically when docking them with a screen edge if necessary, and a host of mouse-over activation features. Version 1.9 is a major update over 1.5 that features faster performance while using less memory, a changed default look and icons, a new start menu docklet, options for dock placement that is completely free-form, updated user interface for easier use, more Vista support, and more!

ObjectDock 1.9 is one of the prominent desktop managers with a high defined launching of programs on the desktop as task lists and shortcuts. As the version is highly supported for the users of Win XX and Win ME, it is a great choice for the software developers. ObjectDock 1.9 is a distinct program which enables the users to have a "dock" on their Windows desktop that contains all different, most required short-cuts, tasks information that are currently running, and the "docklets". The software is highly configurable, compatible, easy to use, and very useful for the beginners as well for the professionals.

• The situation of ObjectDock 1.9 is very nice with improved features.
• It is also easy to configure.
• The memory usage of the PC can be configured by options menu.
• It can be made compatible with the 4 MB of memory.

• If the default Windows taskbar is replaced with this program the user cannot have access on their system tray icons. The user has to install a plug-in to make it visible..
July 10, 2010  
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for ObjectDock 1.9
The installation of 1.9 Version, for a long time is very prominent and really it gives the prominent way for what it does. - By Shine
ObjectDock 1.9 is one of the prominent desktop managers with a high defined launching of programs on the desktop as task lists and shortcuts. As the version is highly supported for the users of Win XX and Win ME, it is a great choice for the software developers. - By Wilson
As ObjectDock is a launcher as well as a task manager it is also a freeware, for which the users are accessible to get its download for free. - By Mike
The user can set the right side of the display screen and can choose to acquire it in the front all programs, so when the screen is maximize there a dialog window, which actually stops at the edge of the every Dock and does not block it out. - By Saundra L. Washington
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