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Description :
" is both an open-source product and a project. The product is a multiplatform office productivity suite. It includes desktop applications such as a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation manager, and a drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to those of other office suites. also works transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office.
Localizations of are available in 27 languages, with more being constantly added by the community. runs on Solaris, Linux (including PPC Linux), and Windows. Written in C++ and with documented APIs licensed under the LGPL and SISSL open-source protocols, allows any knowledgeable developer to benefit from the source. Among other new features, bugfixes, and improvementsm, version 2.0.4 adds enhanced PDF management, direct export to LaTex, and new functionality in Calc and Impress. The most notable advancement is improved extensions management that allows developers to create their own extensions for the open-source suite."
October 16, 2006
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Java Runtime Environment 1.4
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user's review for 2.0.4
A fully featured MS Office compatible productivity suite. Whether your inspiration translates to text, drawings, graphics, animation, or spreadsheets--OpenOffice software gives you the tools to bring your ideas to fruition. - By Sintilia
I was WAY skeptical, a free program that is not only MS Office, Word compatible it actually does ALL that it says! I know the prog is big and a bit slow to load-BUT WHO CARES! You can write and read WORD and it doesn't SPY ON YOU! I have not missed MS ONCE, I'll never go back. AMAZING! - By Paul
This suite is all any home user will need. as i said in a past review, the editor in chief of maximum pc used this exclusively for some time.(not sure if he still does). it is stable, and has what i believe to be a fairly quick learning curve. it's truly a fantastic program. - By Peter
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