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Description : 3.1.0 Final is meant to be a huge substitute to MS-Office. The software application 3.1.0 Final encloses the whole thing required for an office package; i.e. it includes word processor, spread-sheet, presentation programming, graphic designing and a lot of additional effects, most of them are enhanced with the schemes of the Microsoft. The application also comprises of an aptitude to generate the larger HTML files, table chart and many more. This package is the one that mechanize by means of gaining the fame and also prepares extremely capable documental format of ODF.

Some of the Key Features being included in the 3.1.0 Final format are as follows:

1). 3.1 Final a powerful writer -:
• It includes powerful word processor system.
• Also gives tools for Styles and Designing to place the control of style-sheets into dispense of the every user.
• Wizards to create the standard documents such as mail, faxes, schedule, notes.
• AutoComplete to make the typing easy.
• Includes AutoCorrect vocabulary, which can verify the user’s spelling mistake as typed.
• Makes Tables, index for complex documents, etc.
• Text-frames and inter-linking for the newsletters, flyers, etc.
• The creation of OpenDocument and MS-Word.doc files is made more compatible.

2). 3.1 Final impress -:
• The 3.1 Final includes Master Pages and Layouts that simplifies the assignment for making of the material required.
• It is very user-friendly for drawing and designing the tools to flavor up the user’s presentation.
• It has a complete series of Views supported like Normal / Outline / Slide Sorter / Notes / Handouts to meet up all the requirements of the presenters and viewers.
• Fonts included provide eye-catching 2D and 3D similes from the text.
• Slide-show Animation and Effects which is made available to bring a perfect presentation.
• OpenDocument and MS-Powerpoint.ppt file compatibility.

3). 3.1 Final Calculates full-featured spreadsheet -:
• The Natural language formulas included in the 3.1 Final allows the user to create the formulas.
• The application offers a powerful graphics to pull out the exact meaning of any presentation.
• Holds out hundreds of spread-sheet functioning with a well built-in expert help.
• It assists the user to pull-in the required data from the external database address with the help of DataPilot technology.
• Gives OpenDocument and MS-Excel .xls file compatibility..
Office and News
June 5, 2010
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for 3.1 Final
The OpenOffice 3.1 is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office that can be downloaded from downloadable gateways like Betanews. - By Diebel
The 3.1 Final is at large under the innovative improvements and changes which have make the use of the application very easy for the user. - By Steve Pavlina 3.1 Final offers the users with improved printing ability and alternatives for the direct connection with peripheral email series. The application provides the users with completely mechanical formatting. - By Kenneth Hoffman
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