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Free Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) Download

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Description : Opera
Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) is being released with an unanticipated arrangement of new features; it has a clean look & feel, improved speed & performance that ascertain a healthier way to enjoy the Web through a single application. Opera 10.0 Build 1551 Beta 1 is tremendously commanding and characterized software that highly comprises of tabbed browsing, pop-up error blocking, internal searches and advanced functioning like Opera e-mail program, RSS News feeds and IRC chatting. And since the developers know that the users have unlike requirements, they may be able to customize the appearance and content of the Opera browser with a few clicks on the mouse.

Major Features of Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551):
1). Feed Preview: User is able to get the preview a feed by hitting on the feed symbol, and can see it in fresh and well-organized multiple-column arrangement.
2). Quick Find: When using Opera, the in-built browser memorize not only the titles and addresses, but also the definite content of the Web-pages the user visits.
3). Opera Link: Opera Link lets you coordinate the information of your selection online, or amongst the different PCs and mechanisms.
4). New browser engine: This fastest browser has made the world even faster with advanced support for Web standards through Net Browsers engine.
5). Quick and customizable Web search: The user is able to get the quick access to Google, Amazon and more with the search tool. For even quicker searching, search straight in the address-bar by using built-in keywords.
6). Opera Mail: Opera mail browser put forward an e-mail client planned to optimize the daily mail handling necessities.
7). Content blocking: Right-click and select "Block content" to disable the frustrating elements like block images, pop-ups, and plug-ins.
8). Speed Dial: The Speed Dial is a set of visual bookmark, when the user opens a new tab, like a control panel for your online existence.
9). Stay safe with new Fraud Protection and EV: The Fraud Protection is mechanical with the phishing details from the Netcraft and PhishTank. In addition to this Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) supports an Extended Validation certificates (EV).
10). Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) offers the absolute hold up for the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), which are highly supported by the event listening, combination by means of addition of different types, interoperability with the style-sheets, and printing for output as the Bitmap images.
11). Zoom and Fit to width: This version includes a zoom button to resize the required Web pages by the user. Also the user is an able to hit the "Fit to Width" and the application will resize the Web page.
12). Customize your browser: Opera is simply modified by selecting it in the midst of hundreds of applications, add or remove push button, toolbars, and many more..
Browser & Plugin
May 7, 2010  
Opera Software
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Download Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551)
user's review for Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551)
Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) is one of the best Web browser package with compatibility, speed, reduction to system sources, skill to modify, such as protection, in addition to the uniqueness of its require for small size memory, it is already a popular browser. - By Kal Bishop
The Opera 10.0 Beta includes Multiple Document Interface (MDI), a handy zooming attribute, incorporated search engine tool, keyboard shortcuts and mouse signals to look around the complete record of the memory to avoid wicked pop-ups, full-screen approach, hold up for all the HTML standards, incorporation of newsgroups, as well as push button to permit for the user-defined, skin, toolbar, etc. - By Mike Yeager
The Opera Turbo included in Opera 10.0 Beta (Build 1551) is meant for the fast browsing on slow connections. Opera has always been the lead up way for how to treat by way of tabbing in your system browser. - By Sue
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