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Description : Outpost Firewall Free
Outpost Firewall Free 6.5 is the free firewall system from Agnitum, Ltd. for Windows that are developed with the Open Architecture. The expansion process in the versions of Outpost Firewall verifies its competence with the advance in the Internet and also with Linux. There has been no other version as fast, flexible and pioneering at including a closed creation as the thousands of developers from diverse nation state are working on single software.

The integrated anti-spy-ware module in the Outpost Firewall Free 6.5 defends against the wide series of malware programs. The software provides an on-demand scanner which facilitates the scrutinized traditional position, while the synchronized screen is continuously on guard against the commencement of spy-ware. With the help of Outpost Firewall Free 6.5 software the file are completely checked as much as faster for the reason that the SmarScan2-driven locomotive observes only things changed ever since the last search.

The important Key Benefits provided by the software which makes it different from others are as follows:
* Basic Firewall Protection - Regular envelope and application sorting for safeguarding the userís computer from unnecessary interactions.

* Connections Monitoring Ė This features lets the users to observe the network activity in their real time workings, to be of assistance of defining an unfortunate associations and close up them precisely then and there.

* Surfing Protection Ė It preserves your isolation on the Internet, and keeps your browser isolated from other Internet hazards..
Firewalls and Security
June 24, 2010  
Agnitum Ltd
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7
Download Outpost Firewall Free 6.5
user's review for Outpost Firewall Free 6.5
Outpost Firewall Free gives the users with a firm firewall defense with customary package and content filtration to preserve the userís data all in opposition to unconstitutional third party. - By Steven Gillman
The Agnitum Outpost Firewall is the most personal firewall that assists the plug-ins. There are few sample plug-ins included to demonstrate how this ground-breaking expertise technology can effortlessly be engaged for such everyday jobs as interruption uncovering, announcement blocking, content filtering, e-mail guard and privacy control. - By Mike
The Outpost Firewall Free 6.5 is being highly developed and updated by keeping in mind the entire problems which were occurred in last versions of the software. This firewall counsels the outstanding combination of a scheming distinctive position and an easy to use design. - By Grata
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