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Description : Paint.Net
Paint.NET 3.36 is the latest version included in the application series of Paint.Net. The Paint.Net 3.36 provides the user with a great interface, innovative features, changes which can make the software more effective and useful with an accurate output. Each and every attribute and the elements are designed for an instant perceptive and speedily learnable devoid of support.

Paint.NET 3.36 now has a lot of the commanding features that are classy with the profit-making appliances, including the aptitude to make use of different layers. This new source provides the complete code for the ultimate liberation under the MIT License.

Following are some of the ground-breaking enhancements included in the Paint.NET 3.36:
Paint.NET 3.36 highly supports the DLL-file plug-in, which is made accessible to insert image alteration, effects, and hold up for supplementary file data types. This software with plug-ins is typically fashioned by volunteer coding on the program's conversation board. Though most these are purely available via discussion board, some of the plug-ins has been incorporated by means of a later on release of the course.

Online forum:
Paint.NET 3.36 highly features an online forum discussion, which is available all the way through the program's main page or also from the help menu. The discussion forum is where the different users of the application can get the accurate assistance with the bugs, troubleshooting, making a picture, image tutorials, user-created plug-ins, and localization of the program. In addition, a forum is created for news, updates and regular publications.

Support for non-Windows operating systems:
Paint.NET was originally produced for Windows Operating System, and has no local support for any other system. So for the better performance the new version of 3.36, it supports the Windows Vista along with the Windows Operating System. With its earlier open-source temperament, on the other hand, the prospect for alternating editions is made highly available.

If all you want is a rapid picture representation, Paint.NET 3.36 is the best alternative, on the other hand, as it is an open-source freeware editor with all the basic fundamentals, together with different tools to cut, turn around, resize images, change colors, and generate patchworks.

Paint.NET 3.36 highly supports a common image formats like as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and many more but not the high-resolution RAW documentations. There are adequate fundamental and intermediary special effects that features for maintaining the image-editors be happy, although the red-eye deletion instrument is particularly feeble; such images may require manual attention.

Unlike most of the free image editors, Paint.NET 3.36 supports the layers and has proceedings of its manager. This pleasing userís interface possesses a clear window for ease of use. Version 3.36 fixes many old lacking features, as well as an expedient thumbnail administrator for conducting the multiple pictures editing, and an enhanced course of graphics. Paint.NET 3.36 is a far further sophisticated than the Microsoft Paint. The Paint.NET 3.36 now comprises of all the features as compared to the other old versions..
Image Editing
July 18, 2010  
Rick Brewster
Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for Paint.Net 3.36
With respect to hold a numerous images easily, Paint.NET 3.36 makes use of a new feature as tabbed document interface. This tabs exhibit a live thumbnail of the picture in the place of a text description. - By Tim Gorman
Paint.NET 3.36 works out everything starting with the activity of blurring, distortion, noise, and all through embossing, as well as it highly includes the most unique 3D Rotate/Zoom effect that compose the images that is very easy to adjoin with the viewpoint and make it image oriented. - By Shiny
Adjustments for the colors, size and shape are also included which help you pinch an image in Paint.NET 3.36. You can also transfer a colored picture to black and white, or sepia-toned. - By Benney
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