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Free phpMyAdmin 2.11.5 RC1 Download

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Description : phpMyAdmin
The phpMyAdmin 2.11.5 is extremely functional software to make and manage the administration of MySQL database over the web. This software handles a total MySQL server but too a single database. Presently, it can make and fall databases, generate and fall to modify tables, implement several SQL declarations, erase/insert/ edit fields, handle keys on fields and other. It exports information into a variety of formats and is accessible in many languages. The Software verifies referential honesty, make multipart queries mechanically, and connecting necessary tables..
February 26, 2008  
phpMyAdmin Devel Team
Mac OS X 10.1 or later
Download phpMyAdmin 2.11.5 RC1
user's review for phpMyAdmin 2.11.5 RC1
It is top and very functional database management software. It has used to create PDF graphics of our database layout. It has also lots of functionalities to make great database. It is too great database management software. - By Lance
I highly impressed by this software’s features. This Software truly handles a complete MySQl database. This software has many features for using to make our required database. Thank you so much! - By Dennis
The phpMy admin is a user friendly database management tool. I can easily generate and delete database with this software. It can greatly used to make, modify, drop tables in database. I highly advised this software to my all friends and everybody. - By Mussi
This program is totally ideal for creating good database. This program is greatly using to make database. This program truly handles keys on fields and export information to CSV values. This is outstanding application for database creating and managing. - By Baird
For what it is worth I have configured phpmyadmin 2.11.3 on windows and it seems to work perfectly. However, I would recommened users try install phpmyadmin on ubutu. - By Ralph
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