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Description : RealPlayer
RealPlayer is being released for the best accessibility with the Windows PC and also for the Mac OS X. The different versions of the RealPlayer are also being obtainable for the PCs that include the system of Linux, Unix and Symbian Operating System. The software application is motorized by a fundamental open-source medium of engine called the ĎHelixí.

RealPlayer is assessable to facilitate the user to engage themselves in the RealAudio and RealMedia files. RealPlayer furnishes with the most of lacking features in the previous versions and here the user can find:
* It helps in downloading videos/audio files from the thousands of network web sites very easily and quickly,
* The application fabricates the userís own video records and play lists,
* It plays all the chief audio/video formats of files.

The RealPlayer is meant for a complete private utilization that moreover includes CD-burning capacity, DVR-style play-back defense, multimedia search option, internet radio availability, a jukebox approach for the audio/video file library, it includes a most surrounded web-browser which has the absolute capability to convey the media to a numeral of transportable diplomacies, together with the right of use for the Apple's iPodís, MP3 disc players, and Media Playing devices. Since the new version, the RealPlayer has been included a immense enhancing milestone attributes like support for the Flash Video, VCD, DVD, SVCD, DRM and many more.

Features of RealPlayer
This popular streaming-media RealPlayer recommends the most improved and superior video controls and right of entry amongst the 2500 radio stations. The following are the noticeable features of RealPlayer

1. It is supported by almost 3200 stations universally & 60 advertising agencies stations for the never-ending entertainment, thus it becomes most popular online radio ever.
2. The player helps in optimizing the sounds by means of its 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and built up a sharpest image with highly developed video manage.
3. It rips, mix & burn the CDs just similar to its Pro version which is immensely faster. Instruct the MP3s at upto 320kbps.
4. RealPlayer plays all foremost media files for audio/video as well as with the MPEG-4, Windows Media Player, DVDs, & lots more.
5. The Browsing of the web here is being organized by the audio & video files, play lists, & many more.

RealPlayer 11 is an ideal media-player for audio, video, and flash systems. The users of the RealPlayer have found the features that the player is able to play the most streaming audio/video with the best output over the Internet in immediate short time. Also this latest version is made available to be played on the RealAudio, MP3, 3GPP Video, Flash, SMIL 2.0, RealVideo, JPEG, GIF and the PNG.

The RealPlayer is made accessible for the Windows, Macintosh, Pocket PC, Palm OS 5-based systems, Linux, and UNIX alternatives. And the RealPlayer agrees to set up your most wanted videos from a huge variety of sites and observe them anytime, wherever you wish for. Once the RealPlayer is installed, the mousing over an entrenched video will offer the pop-up message that not merely allow you the user to download the film, but also can change its forename, and also can save it to the directory..
Audio and Video
July 7, 2010  
RealNetworks Inc
Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
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user's review for RealPlayer
The RealPlayer allocate the userís system to occupy the complete gathering of the Real Media files and documentations. This new version of RealPlayer allows the userís to purchase and install the music which is being played on more than 100 handy applications, together with the iPod. - By Tom
RealPlayer is wholly a digital-media performer for discovery and downloading new music, playing and managing audio and video clips, and taking your digital entertainment to a new world. RealPlayer offers a rationalized userís interface that permits the customer to remain the media library close at hand. - By Peter
The RealPlayer version helps in saving the CD data with just one click; also there are pause and reverse streams; reassign the music to the CDs and a moveable device; and creates an even-level video playback and multi-channel support. - By Murphy
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