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Description : SoundPad
The SoundPad 1.10.10 is highly developed sound wave editing software. This tool is having the ability of working with all windows operating system. This software is having a bundle of beneficial features and facilities. It is having the ability of redo and undo changes in sound with complete multilevel. This software is also having the skills of displaying wave image of a live recording. One can also do editing of stereo channels independently through the SoundPad software. This software is having very easy to use interface which can be fully controlled by keyboard..
December 6, 2008  
Windows All
Download SoundPad 1.10.10
user's review for SoundPad 1.10.10
The SoundPad 1.10.10 is the most perfect sound wave editor software. I like this highly developed application very much because it is the only gratis utility which is having this much exclusive features and all windows support. - By Eric
This software is having the ability of editing compressed sound formats. It also enables stereo channels editing individually. These types of features are very rare to find in any sound related software. I am really very impressed with it. - By Judy
The SoundPad software is the collection of numerous beneficial features. With it I can give the effect like fading, echo, pitching and amplifying to the edited sound. This software also gives me the ability of removing background of sound. It is really very amazing. - By Silas
This software is the first choice of mine for sound wave editing because I can handle the whole software by just a keyboard. Also it is having live display which helps a lot in working more swiftly. - By McDaniel
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